Healthy eating - our new focus. Healthy eating - our new focus. Healthy eating - our new focus. Healthy eating - our new focus.

Healthy eating - our new focus.

Alexandra Rose Charities is a charitable organisation that is dedicated to seeking out and helping those in need.

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There's a crisis in the way our children are eating - too much junk food and not enough veg.  A diet high in sugary, fatty, highly processed foods and drinks and lacking in fruit and vegetables is harmful to health and can affect children's performance in school.

Alexandra Rose Charities has a new purpose.  The Rose Vouchers for fruit and veg project supports pregnant women and families living on low incomes to eat more healthily and improve their health and wellbeing.

The vast majority of us don't manage to eat the government recommended five portions of fruit and veg a day but poor families find it a particular struggle.  Poor eating habits can start in early childhood and there's growing evidence that a child's capacity to learn in school is affected by what they eat.  In a survey into child hunger in London, nearly a third of children asked said they found it difficult to concentrate at school because they were hungry.  Increasingly families are finding it harder to make ends meet and are experiencing food poverty.

"Food poverty is worse diet, worse access, worse health... Above all food poverty is about less or almost no consumption of fruit and vegetables."  Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, City University

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The board of Alexandra Rose Charities is made up of dedicated trustees,
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